Let Your Monologue
Be Your Resistance

An anthology of socially conscious monologues, allowing participants to express themselves on topics such as race, gender, aging, politics etc. This production is meant as an acting exercise for actors who are self-starters seeking to improve their performance skills.
Participation is open to the community.

Steampunk Frankenstein

An innovative approach to performing the work of Mary Shelly, where the classic novel is performed in four acts with “color-blind & gender bending” casting with each act featuring a different pair of actors adopting the roles of the infamous monster and doctor.
The works of Shelly provide a unique challenge to an actor who may not be used to the highfalutin language of Shelly’s Victorian literature. 
This production affords the actor an opportunity to play a role they may not normally be cast for, and deliver a quality performance while doing so. 

Wicked Shakespeare

An Anthology of
Shakespeare’s Wickedest Scenes,
Steampunk Edition


Investigation into the works of William Shakespeare’s “wickedest” scenes; including Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, King Lear, Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, Richard III, Titus Andronicus. Performances are not limited to the aforementioned works as members are free to decide what “wicked” scene they would like to perform.
This anthology showcase also serves as an intro to ACT’s “Acting Shakespeare” workshop providing the actor with the experience and confidence that is needed to perform the works of the Bard. 


Members choose a partner to self-study a two-person scene from classic American stage.
The works of Edward Albee, Clifford Odets, Eugene O’Neil, Arthur Miller, Neil Simon, Tennessee Williams,  John Steinbeck are investigated, and presented on stage and film. 
This production is meant as a follow-up exercise to our monologue showcase, affording actors an opportunity to practice their craft, and collaborate with their theatrical peers.

Council of Elrond

A live costumed performance of JRR Tolkien’s pivotal scene from the Lord of the Rings  books and films.
Actors are expected to adopt the roles of fantasy characters and provide these characters with a life of their own. 
Other works of Tolkien and Robert E. Howard (author of Conan the Barbarian) are welcomed.
This is our director’s pet-project who is big fan of the Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery genres and recognizes the importance this genre is to children whose first experience reading may be Tolkien’s The Hobbit or J.K. Rowling’ Harry Potter series.

African American Portrait Gallery

A one man show performed by Larry Robinson as a night-watchmen in a museum that features African American Heroes such as PAUL ROBESON , GARRETT MORGAN (inventor of the traffic light and other inventions), LOUIS ARMSTRONG and several other historical African-American figures.
Robinson, our lead and senior actor not only puts on an entertaining show, but provides a valuable service to the local community with this historically rich production, narrating important story of societal changing historic accomplishments of African-American heroes. 





Broward Film
Industry Symposium

A 3-day Workshop series including acting coaches, directors, casting directors, and special effects professionals. 

My Stuff Film Festival

Micro-shorts and short films submitted by local filmmakers and actors.