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Actor’s Cultural Theatre, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, that owes its 2017 launch to Destination Sistrunk and the Broward Cultural Division. Ed Casas and ACT are part of the artist-in-residency program sponsored by Destination Sistrunk. ACT meets weekly on Saturday mornings. ACT’s performance repertoire includes an actor’s study of the literary works of Shakespeare, Shelley and scenes from the American stage.

ACT’s first public show was Let Your Monologue Be Your Resistance, an anthology of socially conscious monologues performed in conjunction with The African-American Portrait Gallery a one man show played by Larry Robinson. ACT also showcased a Trilogy of Theater which included the aforementioned shows, as well as Steampunk Frankenstein, the classic tale told via gender bending diverse casting. ACT also has several short-films out that feature the diverse community of South Florida, including the sometimes-overlooked community of the North West Gardens, where one ACT’s films take place. This short film (17 min), Heroes of 6th Street, features a family of African-Americans as local superheroes, and can be seen onAmazon Prime Video.

Actor’s Cultural Theatre has gathered creatives from varied disciplines that share a common goal of bringing free performances and workshops/lectures to the community. This core group of members have performed several productions in front of multiple audiences over the last 3 years. ACT has also welcomed guest speakers such as local Directors like Bill Grefe (the Godfather of Grindhouse films), Acting Coaches, and Special-Effects Artists, such as Dean Lyon of Armageddon, Lord of the Rings and the Star Wars series.

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Past Productions

Heroes of 6th Street (Film)

AtomSteam (Film)

Steampunk Frankenstein (Live)

Let Your Monologue Be Your Resistance (Live)

Wicked Shakespeare (Live)

Americana (Live)

Council of Elrond (Live)

African-American Portrait Gallery feat. Larry Robinson (Live)

ALTS (Film)

Broward Film Industry Symposium (Live)

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