The Amateur Actor by Viola Spolin

    1. Has intense stage fright. 
    2. Does not know what to do with his hands. 
    3. Has awkward stage movement—shifts back and forth, moves aimlessly about stage. 
    4. Feels he must sit down on stage. 
    5. Reads lines stiffly, mechanically; forgets lines. 
    6. Has poor enunciation, rushes speeches. 
    7. Usually repeats a line he or she has misread. 
    8. Mouths the words of fellow actors as they are playing. 
    9. Creates no theater “business.” 
    10. Has no sense of timing. 
    11. Drops cues, is insensitive to pace. 
    12. Wears costume awkwardly; makeup has a stuck-on look. 
    13. “Emotes” lines rather than talks to fellow actors. 
    14. Is exhibitionistic. 
    15. Has no feeling for characterization. 
    16. “Breaks” on stage. 
    17. Has a fear of touching others. 
    18. Does not project voice or emotions. 
    19. Cannot take direction. 
    20. Has slight relationships to other actors or the play. 
    21. Hangs on to furniture or props. 
    22. Becomes his or her own audience. 
    23. Never listens to other actors. 
    24. Has no relationship to the audience. 
    25. Casts eyes downward (does not look at fellow players).